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New cellphones and tablet PCs on contract

Do you have credit problems and need a new phone, laptop or tablet PC on contract? It can be very difficult to save up to buy a new mobile device cash and with a bad credit record you will probably be declined when you apply. Get Cell Phone Deals is here to help and offers a range of new cellphones as well as tablet PCs on contract from major cellular service providers in South Africa and anyone can apply even if blacklisted or with bad credit. The range of available devices is subject to change and you once you have applied and been approved a consultant will discuss your options with you. Application can all be done online in just a few minutes and if approved your brand new device will be delivered to you around the country. If you are struggling with an old phone, using prepaid and need a new phone, a laptop or tablet PC and can't afford one then why not see if you qualify for a contract deal, apply today @

Applications will be processed within 48 hours during business hours and if approved a consultant will contact you to arrange delivery which should take approximately a week. Having worked in the cellphone finance industry for a number of years Get Cell Phone Deals have the experience and infrastructure to make getting a new cellphone or tablet on contract with bad credit easy for almost anyone that is employed in South Africa. If you need a phone and haven't been able to get one due to your credit status then why not see if you qualify for a new device, apply now @

Why use Get Cell Phone Deals...
  • Bad credit & blacklisted can apply
  • National Credit Act compliant
  • Wide range of devices available
  • Free application & delivery

Want to go shopping? Apply @ RCS

It happens to everyone, you desperately need or want to buy something and just can't afford it. Saving takes too long or is too difficult and you don't want to take out another loan. Applying for an RCS Card could be an option to consider and allows you to shop on credit at a wide range of South Africa's most popular stores around the country. This allows you to make purchases and pay them off over an extended period. Account management is easy and repayments terms are flexible with a revolving facility available. Consumer Protection Insurance is included and as an NCR registered credit provider you are guaranteed easy to understand terms and transparent fee structure. Don't go without things you need for your home or business when you may be able to shop on credit in South Africa, why not see if you qualify for a card now @

Secure online payments @ NETELLER

Do you often make payments online for forex trading, sports betting, gambling or for other reasons? NETELLER offer a secure, efficient and fast way for you to cash out and make deposits at many popular websites with free sign up. Accounts are offered in multiple currencies including South African Rand (ZAR) and you can make transfers of funds from your NETELLER account directly into a bank account in South Africa. Along with offering quick deposits and withdrawals the service also makes it easy to send and receive money around the world instantly even if they do not have a NETELLER account. There is also an app available for popular mobile devices allowing you to manage your account whilst on the go and if you are a business owner then there are also options available for processing online payments using the service. If you have been looking for an alternative way to make and receive payment online around the world then why not get more information or sign up for your free account today @

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